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Sandwich Combinations

Includes Your Choice of Two Sides and Regular (20 oz.) Drink 

#1 Pulled Pork 7.89
#2 Jumbo Pulled Pork 8.89
#3 Shredded Chicken 7.89
#4 Jumbo Shredded Chicken 8.89
#5 Hamburger 7.29
#6 Cheeseburger 7.59
#7 Double Hamburger 8.59
#8 Double Cheeseburger 8.89
#9 BBQ Tacos (2) 6.59
#10 Chicken Tacos (2) 6.59
#11 Chicken Tenders (3) 7.99
#12 BBQ Bologna Sandwich 6.59


Toasted Bun with Your Choice of Hot or Mild Sauce & Coleslaw

Pulled Pork  –> 4.99   Jumbo –> 5.99
Shredded Chicken  –> 4.99   Jumbo –> 5.99
BBQ Bologna –> 4.29

The Big Poppa” 3 Meat Sandwich –> 7.49
BBQ Bologna and Pulled Pork BBQ or Shredded Chicken with Smoked Sausage, Coleslaw, Jalapeños, and BBQ Sauce.


Freshly ground and hand patted, made to order with your Choice of
Mustard, Ketchup, Mayonaise, Pickle, Onion, Lettuce, Tomato

Hamburger –> 4.69   Double –> 5.99
Cheeseburger –> 4.99   Double –> 6.49


Pulled Pork OR Shredded Chicken –> 7.99
Includes Bun, Sauce, & Two Sides of your Choice (Drinks not included)

Sampler Plate –> 9.99
BBQ Pulled Pork, Shredded Chicken, Shredded Beef, and Sausage


Midsouth BBQ nachos pulled pork nacho cheeseNachos Full Order –> 7.99  Half Order –> 5.99
Tortilla Chips topped with your choice of Pulled Pork BBQ OR Shredded Chicken, BBQ Sauce, Nacho Cheese, with or w/o Jalapeños

Regular Cheese Nachos –> 2.99
Tortilla Chips topped with Nacho Cheese, with or w/o Jalapeños 

Loaded Fries –> 7.99
Salted French Fries topped with Nacho Cheese, your choice of Pulled Pork BBQ OR Shredded Chicken, with BBQ Sauce, with or w/o Jalapeños

The Beast” Loaded Baked Potato –> 8.99
Jumbo Baked Potato topped with your choice of Pulled Pork BBQ OR Shredded Chicken, and Baked Beans, Nacho Cheese, Coleslaw, BBQ Sauce, Jalapeños

Baked Potato –> 3.99
Idaho Baked Potato topped with your choice of butter and sour cream

Taco (1) –> 2.09
Soft Flour Tortilla Shells filled with your choice of Pulled Pork BBQ OR Shredded Chicken, and Nacho Cheese, Coleslaw, BBQ Sauce

Quesadilla –> 5.00
Soft Large Flour Tortilla Shell filled with your choice of Pulled Pork BBQ OR Shredded Chicken, and Shredded Colby-Jack Cheese, Coleslaw, BBQ Sauce

Chicken OR BBQ Wrap –> 5.00
Large Flour Tortilla Shell filled with Shredded Chicken OR Pulled Pork, Shredded Colby-Jack Cheese, Lettuce, and Tomato

House Salad –> 4.49
Ice-burg Lettuce topped with your choice of Shredded Colby-Jack Cheese, Tomato, Croutons, and Dressing. (Dressing available: Ranch, Blue Cheese, Thousand Island, Italian, Honey Mustard)

House Salad topped BBQ or Chicken –> 7.49
House Salad plus your choice of Shredded Chicken or Pulled Pork BBQ

Sausage and Cheese Basket –> 7.99
Smoked Sausage, Cheese Cubes, Pickle Spear, Pepperoncini Pepper, and Saltine Crackers

MIDSOUTH BBQ Bologna on the Smoker Covington TN Yellow Trailer Food 38049

Slice of BBQ Bologna –> 2.50


French Fries  –> 1.69  Double –> 2.29
Onion Rings (4 count) –> 2.09  (6 count) –> 2.69
Beans –> 1.49 (Pt 3.29, Qt 6.49, Gal 18.99)
Coleslaw –> 1.49 (Pt 3.29, Qt 6.49, Gal 18.99)
Potato Salad –> 1.69 (Pt 3.49, Qt 6.79, Gal 22.99)
Macaroni and Cheese  –> 1.89  Double –> 3.99

Lays Regular or BBQ Flavored Chips –> 1.09

Extras  –> .49 (Pt 5.99, Qt 9.99)
Includes condiments such as jalapeños, sour cream, dressing

Take-Home Packs

Includes your choice of Pulled Pork BBQ OR Shredded Chicken
as well as Buns, BBQ Sauce, and Coleslaw to prepare Sandwiches AND beans

6 Pack –> 23.95
8 Pack –> 28.95


Homemade! Varies Daily with Limited Supply


Coke Products
Regular 20 oz. –> 1.99  Large –> 2.49

Homemade Sweet, or Unsweet Tea
Regular 20 oz. –> 1.79  Large –> 2.29

Homemade Strawberry Lemonade
Regular –> 1.99  Large –> 2.49

Milkshakes –> 3.29
Your choice of Vanilla, Chocolate, or Strawberry

Bulk Meat Orders

6 oz. sauce now included per pound

By the Pound –> 9.99
Pulled Pork BBQ OR Shredded Chicken

Whole Boston Butt –> 35.00
24-hour notice needed, additional $5 charge for pulled or chopped
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About Us

We started as a food truck, out grew the Café, and now in our own Restaurant Location!

Family-owned and operated!

MidSouth BBQ pig Covington TN Tipton County Yellow TrailerBrian Dickey is Owner and Pit Master.
Born and raised in Covington, TN, he has 15+ years of BBQ experience.

My son, Cameron, and I established MidSouth BBQ as a weekend hobby! We started serving from our custom-built yellow food trailer on weekends in July of 2016.

As word spread, demand increased for our “low and slow” hickory smoked BBQ.

By April of 2017, we left our full-time careers to make this our family business.
That summer we were invited to reside in Duke’s Cafe of DSCC Jimmy Naifeh Center! We happily served the open-public and students/faculty for a full year.

After being voted by Tipton County’s Reader’s Choice “Best BBQ,” we decided to open our restaurant to better serve the community!

On November 10th, 2018  we opened our doors!
We are a fast-casual: we’ll make your order while you fill your refreshments, and serve you at the counter!

Please stop by, we’ll treat you like family! You’ll always receive fresh food we take pride in serving.

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To reserve a Whole Boston Butt please allow 24-48 hours!

(901) 296-5665

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